BDBC COVID-19 – Local Business, Parks and Open Spaces. Community Safety Officer Patrols

Support for businesses

We are now sending businesses further information on how to access grant funding, following the government’s announcement of a package of measures to support businesses through the period of disruption caused by COVID-19.

Businesses will be contacted by post or email, depending on how their business rates bill is usually sent, following which they will need to complete a simple form on our website to clarify their eligibility and confirm their payment details.

Upon completion, we would expect payments to eligible businesses to be made within two to three working days.

For further information on the available grants for businesses, see our website at


Grass cutting and essential maintenance in parks and open spaces

Essential maintenance and grass cutting is to continue in our parks, open spaces and verges.

Our operations team will work in line with the government’s strict social distancing guidelines with operatives working alone in a safe space away from members of the public.

The borough’s parks and open spaces have remained open for people to use for their daily exercise during the COVID-19 outbreak. To ensure these areas remain safe, clean and a pleasant place for residents to exercise alone or with other members of their household only, the operations team will continue to maintain them.

Essential work will also take place where safety is an issue and to ensure the ongoing maintenance of certain sports facilities such as cricket wickets and the bowling green at Stratton Park that require regular, specialist attention.

The borough council’s Safe Space campaign is reminding people to exercise safely if cycling, running or walking in public by keeping at least two metres away from each other.
Community safety patrols support ‘stay at home’ restrictions 

Our community safety patrol officers are continuing to support local communities and the police by providing patrols and a reassuring presence across the borough.

Officers are educating and encouraging residents to stay at home and follow social distancing restrictions. They have been working closely with the police to share information and identify individuals who are persistently ignoring the latest social distancing restrictions. The team are focusing patrols in parks and open spaces across the borough.

Despite the good weather over the weekend, the vast majority of residents are complying with the social distancing measures. However the community safety patrol team continues to see a number of groups when patrolling.

The team will continue working with the police this week to provide support and advice to residents and encourage people who are not out for essential reasons to return home in order to protect the NHS and save lives.

The team has also been supporting the wider community response and those most vulnerable to the current situation. This has included providing resource to the community hub enquiry team and ensuring those residents with immediate need have access to medication and food.